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Voice Teacher and Soprano

Private Voice Lessons

TIDE Notes A Cappella Group for Treble voices 11-18

I offer private voice lessons for people of all ages in a warm and supportive setting. I have worked with people from ages 8 to 80*, and I meet each student where they are.  ​Lessons with me include vocal warms up, working on breath and vocal technique, canon and/or part singing, musicianship, selecting and working on repertoire. My priority is the learning, joy and success of my students.  I am comfortable working in multiple musical styles, including pop, broadway, classical and world, so you can sing the music that you love.  Good vocal technique is useful no matter what the style.

*Children younger than 8 may be better served by learning in a group class that teaches fundamental skills of musicianship and singing through singing games and folk songs.

Inspiring Music Classes for Children

The Kodaly concept of music education provides a fun, intuitive and embodied path to excellent musicianship.  Zoltan Kodaly believed that every child deserves a great music education, regardless of their talent, social class or other factors. He felt that children should learn high quality music and have a great time learning it.  I love to bring his fun and intuitive philosophy to children.  Through folk songs, dances and singing games, children play while they learn essential concepts of musicianship, starting with beat, rhythm and basic solfège, and moving up to more advanced concepts such as  keys, key signatures, melodic dictation and listening skills.  Children who learn this way easily gain the skills needed to be excellent musicians.  

Contact us to organize classes for your homeschool group, Scout troup or just a bunch of music-loving kids.​​

Founded in the Fall of 2019, The Tides notes has become a strong, supportive group of singers who have continued to sing together through the pandemic.  We sing a variety of music in different styles and from around the world, including classical, pop and traditional music.   

The Tide Notes meets on Sundays from 5-6;15.  We do a video meeting on Zoom, and we use JackTrip for our audio, which allows us to sing together in rehearsal, and even do live performances.  We are very lucky to be one of the first groups to adopt this revolutionary technology.

We welcome new singers with treble voices who identify as female or alternatively gendered.  If you or your child is interested in joining us, please reach out to me via email at, and we can see if it would be a good fit. No audition required. Some singing experience recommended.  


​Sight Singing for Everyone:  A Kodaly-based class for teens and adults

Do you love to sing but wish you had better sight singing and musicianship skills?  Then this class is designed for you. Sight reading for singers is different than music reading for other instruments.  Singers have to hear every note and interval in our heads.  There are no short cuts, no keys to press, no chord shapes. This is hard! What finally made it click for me was the Kodály approach to music education and moveable do solfège, and I want to share these tools with you. 

Through singing, playing, listening, moving and writing (music, that is), you will start to put together a system for sight singing that works for you.  I will teach you the basics of "moveable do" solfège and common rhythm patterns through play and singing.  It will be fun!  We will also practice sight singing using your new-found skills.  You will learn what you need in a playful, nonjudgemental atmosphere.  

This class is good for you if:


You are a total beginner,
You read music, but still feel like you haven’t mastered sight singing,
You want to try a a new and fun way to improve your skills.

Class Meetings:
Mondays from 6:15-7:15 pacific time
March 1-April 26.
NO CLASS March 29.
Location:  On Zoom

Cost:  $250 per student


To register, please send an email to  Invoices will be sent via PayPal.