Classes for Children

I offer private voice lessons for people of all ages in a warm and supportive setting. I have worked with people from ages 8 to 80*, and I meet each student where they are.  

Lessons with me include vocal warms up, working on breath and vocal technique, canon and/or part singing, musicianship, selecting and working on repertoire.  My priority is the learning, joy and success of my students.

I am comfortable working in multiple musical styles, including pop, broadway, classical and world, so you can sing the music that you love.  Good vocal technique is useful no matter what the style.

*Children younger than 8 may be better served by learning in a group class that teaches fundamental skills of musicianship and singing through singing games and folk songs.

Private Voice Lessons

Classes for Adults and Choirs

Voice Teacher and Soprano

Kodály Musicianship for adults and choirs

Do you love to sing but wish that you had better sight reading and musicianship skills?  Do you want to help your choir members improve their skills? Then this is the class for you.  The Kodály concept of music education is as wonderful for adults as it is for children.  Through folk songs, singing games and dances you or your choir will learn to identify and derive essential musicianship concepts.  We start with the basics like beat and rhythm and move through learning moveable do solfège to a deeper understanding of how music works.  By embodying these skills through movement and hand signs, students truly internalize the concepts, improving sight reading and bringing a greater appreciation for music.  All this is done in an atmosphere of fun and play, which makes this challenge a pleasure to tackle.

Contact us to set up one of the following:

2 Hour taster class

1/2 day workshop

6 week series

For vocal groups and choir directors:
The musicianship concepts covered in the workshops are immediately applicable to the music you are already singing. In fact, we can use the music you are already working on with your choir to reinforce the concepts that we are are covering.  For example, if we are working on a concept such as 16th notes, we can use music that you are already singing as a teaching tool.

Inspiring Music Classes for Children

The Kodaly concept of music education provides a fun, intuitive and embodied path to excellent musicianship.  Zoltan Kodaly believed that every child deserves a great music education, regardless of their talent, social class or other factors. He felt that children should learn high quality music and have a great time learning it.  I love to bring his fun and intuitive philosophy to children.  Through folk songs, dances and singing games, children play while they learn essential concepts of musicianship, starting with beat, rhythm and basic solfège, and moving up to more advanced concepts such as  keys, key signatures, melodic dictation and listening skills.  Children who learn this way easily gain the skills needed to be excellent musicians.  

Contact us to organize classes for your homeschool group, Scout troup or just a bunch of music-loving kids.

Ongoing Classes:

For 1-5 year olds: 10 am Fridays at Wund3rkid in Palo Alto.  Sign up!